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About us

Inspired by the eclecticism of the city and feminine style 

Standard and curve collection

Denneris's vision is to offer our customers truly modern urban clothing in sizes until 54EU, accessible and from carefully selected European brands, so that they can express themselves without spending a fortune.

Denneris is an "affordable chic" with an exclusive choice of fabrics and a strong focus on detail.

We perceive the British fashion legacy but with a modern flavor. Our selections are inspired by the eclectic style of the city .

We want our clothes to feel just as good, modern, impressive, but comfortable as work in the office, in the TV, in the pizza shop, in the children's center .. even after work, at the cinema, right in the restaurant, an event or even a club.

While the latest trends play a decisive role in the development of our selections, keeping the personality of the brand is always at the center - every part of the line speaks for itself!

Who is our girl?

The Denneris girl is modern, independent and likes to express herself. She can be an urban working woman, glamorous, fashionable, feminine or rebellious, a little bold or even a little reserved, but she is always ready to explore her own personal style. What else? Denneris' girl loves fine food, fresh drinks, admiring music and cinema, traveling to a good company, family and, of course, her city.

Only with us you can find exclusive brands LostInk London and Gabriela Visconti Poland. The two brands have distinct differences in style - LostInk embodies modern urban and street fashion, while Gabriela Visconti is inspired by classical elegance. What unites the two brands and Denneris is our desire to present extremely fashionable models in all sizes - from EU 34 or UK 6 to EU 56 or UK 26.